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C.E.F.S. Head Start 0-5 Program
County Resource Directory

Decide what kind of services your family needs or about which you desire information.


Agencies, addresses, phone numbers, hours of operation, and services provided are listed. (Click on the title button for each section to expand.)

When in need of a service we suggest you call the agency to see if they have a particular service and request information on obtaining the required service.

Tips for calling agencies:

  1. Decide what you need before you call. Repeat this need in simple sentences as often as you have to; even if you get connected to several different workers (many agencies have complex phone systems). For instance, if you need help on utility bills, say “I need to talk to someone who can tell me how to get help to pay my gas bill” until you get someone who can help you.

  2. Call the agencies during normal business hours. Avoid calling from 12:00 pm to 1:00 pm as this is the lunch hour for most businesses. On evenings and weekends, try the agency’s 24-hour hotline for emergency services.

  3. Ask how to obtain the service. Do you have to come to a certain place at a certain time? Do you have to provide proof of anything (for example, income, age, etc.)? Do you have to fill out an application? Do you get help right away or is there a waiting period? Agencies and agency services have different eligibility requirements so be sure to check.

  4. Ask how much the service costs. Are the services provided free or is there a sliding scale so that low-income clients pay lower costs?

  5. If the agency does not have a particular service, ask the worker if he/she knows where else you can call for help.

  6. If you cannot get a particular service you need, or if you need additional information about using the County Resource Directory, contact your child’s Head Start teacher, parent educator, or family advocate for assistance. 

100 South Grand Avenue East, Springfield, IL 62762

Phone: (800) 843-6154
Hours: 8:00-4:30, Monday-Friday

Services: The Illinois Department of Human Services Community Health and Prevention Helpline strives to connect all Illinois residents with whatever services they may need. Information is provided for the following programs:

Child Abuse
Child Care
Child Health
Child Health Insurance
Child Safety 
Child Support
Children-Chronic Diseases 
Community & Youth
Delinquency Prevention
Developmental Delay
Domestic Violence
Early Childhood
Early Intervention
Emergency Services 
Family Case Management
Family Planning
Financial Assistance
Food Supplement-WIC
Food Supplement-MAC
Head Start
Health B Comprehensive

Health Insurance (Family Care)
I & Rs-Local & Regional
Lead Poisoning
Legal Services
Maternity Home/School 
Mental Health
Parents Care & Share
Parenting Education/Support 
Prenatal Care
Referrals to IL Dept. of Public Health 
Self Help
Senior Services
Sexual Assault
Sexually Transmitted Diseases
Special Education
State Agencies-Other
Substance Abuse
Teen Services
Toll-Free Telephone Numbers
WIC Complaint & Vendor
Women’s Health

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