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City of Effingham Deviate Route Service


We received funds in Effingham County to offer rides for seniors, persons with disabilities, and veterans on both in-county demand response and the ETrax Deviated Route.  Due to this, we will now be requiring applications for reduced fare cards in all our counties to verify eligibility.


This will take effect on May 1, 2024.

Please complete the Reduced Fare Identification Card application by clicking the red button below.

Applications can also be requested through dispatch.

What is ETrax?

ETrax is a deviated route that operates along an established route with designated stops in the city of Effingham. Between these designated stops, buses may deviate from the established route to pick up/drop off riders within a defined service area of 1/4 mile. Deviations must be pre-scheduled 24 hours in advance. There is a limit of 1 deviation per route completion.

ETrax is a first come first serve transportation service, ridership is limited to maximum bus capacity.

No-Service Holidays: Good Friday, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, Black Friday, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Year's Eve, and New Year's Day. Call dispatch for the schedule.


*Route may be canceled in severe weather that affects road conditions.

Cost of Service (All pass purchases are non-refundable.​)

  • $1.00 per boarding.

  • Tokens can be purchased for $1.00 each or 12 tokens for $10.00. (Tokens do not expire & are used in place of cash fare.)

  • Monthly Pass $35

  • Disability Pass $15

***CEFS ECPT Monthly Passes will be honored. Pass must be presented to the driver. ***

ETrax Logo jpeg.jpg

For rides or more information:

OR  TTY 7-1-1

Hours of Operation

Monday - Friday, 8 am - 4 pm

Hours for Dispatch

Monday - Friday, 6 am - 6 pm

Click here for information on

services in other counties

ETrax Passenger Guidelines and Expectations

  • Schedule times are departure times. Please arrive 5 minutes prior to departure. Dwell time is zero.

  • Exact change is required (our drivers cannot make change).

  • CEFS ECPT accommodates service animals recognized by the Federal Transit Administration. Pets/companion animals are welcome in a carrier.

  • Packages are limited to what a passenger can load, unload & store within the seating area or designated area on the bus. Packages that interfere with normal access or cannot be properly secured will be refused. We recommend no more than 3 standard-size grocery totes.

  • Priority seating is labeled on each bus for people with disabilities. All vehicles are ADA-compliant.

  • All passengers must wear their seatbelts.

  • Absolutely no standing while vehicles are in transit.

  • Children age 5 and under must be accompanied by an adult/caregiver and ride for free.


***ETrax riders must also adhere to CEFS ECPT's passenger guidelines for demand response service.


Our passenger handbook can be found here:

How to Request a Deviation

A passenger can request a deviation by calling our dispatch office at 1-855-755-2478.

CEFS ECPT will not prioritize one type of deviation request over another.

Requests will be accommodated in the order as they are received. Deviations must be made 24 hours in advance.

For Deviation Requests

Dwell time is zero. In this regard, a passenger requesting a deviation should be ready at the agreed origin five minutes prior to the bus’s arrival. If the passenger misses the scheduled connections, it will be considered a no-show and subsequent deviation requests will be considered canceled. Excessive no-show/late cancelation of a deviation request may result in deviation request privileges being suspended.

Handling Deviation Requests

Route deviation service is considered a demand response mode by the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990. As such, it does not require the transit provider to provide complimentary paratransit. However, it is important to CEFS ECPT that the route runs on time. At its sole discretion, CEFS ECPT may send a general public bus to facilitate 1 or more deviation requests in order to keep the route on schedule.

Route Stops and Times

Departure Times Are Minutes Past the Hour:
Drivers will announce the name of each stop prior to stopping and announce the next destination once loading is complete.

HSHS St. Anthony's Health Center
(Main Entrance)

900 W. Temple - 0:00

Brookstone Estates
(East Side-Middle Door)
1101 N. Maple St. - 0:05

Sarah Bush Bonutti Clinic
(Curbside at Entrance A)
1303 W. Evergreen Ave. - 0:08

TA Travel Center
(Curb Area by Pump 1)
1702 W. Evergreen Ave. - 0:12

(Garden Center Entrance)
1204 Ave. of Mid America - 0:17

VA Clinic
(Entrance Outside of Awning)
1101 Ford Ave. - 0:20

Lake Pointe Apartments
(Entrance on Ford Ave.)
1700 Ford Ave. - 0:23

TA Travel Center
(Curb Area by Pump 1)
1702 W. Evergreen Ave. - 0:30

(North of Entrance Doors)
101 N. Keller - 0:35

Kirby's IGA
(Near Iron Horse Patio)
101 S. Merchant - 0:39

Effingham County Building Parking Lot
(4th St. Parking Lot, Between Entrances)
1011 N. 4th St. - 0:43

HSHS St. Anthony's Memorial Hospital
(Prairie Heart Entrance)

503 N. Maple St. - 0:48

ETrax Map pdf-page-001.jpg

The last hour of the route begins at 3:00 pm. The first and last stop will be at HSHS St. Anthony's Health Center. If this is not your desired drop-off spot please plan your stop(s) accordingly.

I would like to address some of the questions and feedback we have received regarding the ETrax Deviated Route. The ETrax is currently considered a pilot program. Locations were selected based on high-traffic areas (according to our scheduling software) and the location's willingness to participate as a bus stop. Deviated routes are typically kept to an hour maximum timeframe, so riders are not waiting an excessive amount of time for a return pickup, therefore we are limited to the number of stops and distance traveled.  Additional routes are already in discussion based on the success of our pilot route and the securement of additional resources.


Please remember that you are able to utilize the demand response system to access the ETrax and for locations not served by the ETrax.

Beth Beck-Marts

CEFS Central Illinois Publis Transit Program Director

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