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The Illinois Home Weatherization Assistance Program's primary purpose is to help residents save fuel and money while increasing the comfort of their homes. The program's goal is to provide year-round comfort and savings to the elderly, people with disabilities, and low-income families throughout the service area.

On a broader scale, the program strives to:

  • save energy by providing energy conservation measures to reduce heating and cooling costs

  • lessen the consumption of fuel

  • provide safer heating systems

  • and create greater comfort in the home


Reduction of energy consumption in the home allows families to utilize a greater portion of their income for other purposes. The energy conservation measures performed on a home are determined through an inspection of the home by a certified energy auditor with the final selection of measures selected by an automated energy audit system that employs the use of saving-to-investment ratio (SIR). The SIR procedure determines the length of time required for a measure to pay for itself based on the amount of energy savings each task creates. The program uses blower door technology to identify air leakage in a home, determine measures to reduce the air changes, and measure the final impact the weatherization improvements will have on the home. All measures performed on a home are designed to slow or stop the heat movement through the materials of the structure and reduce or stop the infiltration of outside air into the structure through cracks, holes, or penetrations. An infrared thermal imaging camera is used in conjunction with the blower door to enhance the building diagnostics.

Energy conservation measures are directly related to the type and extent of the energy loss in the structure. Caulking, weather-stripping, and window and door repair/replacements stop or reduce the amount of air entering a structure, reducing the load required to maintain the design temperature resulting in a reduction of energy consumption. Insulation reduces the amount of energy moving through the building materials, allowing the occupants to use conditioned air longer. Furnace repair/replacement and water heater repair directly reduce utility consumption and ensure safety of the equipment.

C.E.F.S. Economic Opportunity Corporation Weatherization Assistance Program provides assistance throughout the seven-county C.E.F.S. service area that includes Clay, Christian, Effingham, Fayette, Montgomery, Moultrie, and Shelby counties.


For more information about weatherization assistance contact your local C.E.F.S. Outreach Office.

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